Learn about safe hydraulics

Gates Corp., Denver, provides an array of online and print items that explore safety and preventive maintenance at its Hydraulic System Safety section at www.gatesprograms.com/safehydraulics.

The Gates Safe Hydraulics Pocket Guide is just one of several manuals available for free download.

Users can download a free 16-page booklet that is designed to minimize worker injuries, costly repairs, and production downtime. It includes sections dealing with choosing the correct hose; periodic inspections; hose troubleshooting, routing, and cleanliness; assembly installation, and safe hydraulics.

Users can also download an eBook to learn about hose and hydraulic testing, safety and solutions. A Safe Hydraulics Manual highlights Gates’ Preventive Maintenance Program, and a Hose Preventive Maintenance Manual helps identify problems with industrial hose before failures occur.

Visit www.gatesprograms.com/safehydraulics to download the manuals.

TAGS: Maintenance
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