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Beat the Heat with an Oil Cooler

Hydraulic system got you hot under the collar? A heat exchanger may help you keep your cool.

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Contamination may be the biggest enemy of hydraulic systems, but excessive heat may be the biggest enemy of hydraulic oil. High temperatures damage the hydraulic fluid by accelerating oxidation, which breaks down the oil’s chemical structure and forms sludge and varnish.

Heat exchangers are widely used in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems to remove excess heat, whether it is generated by energy losses in a system or from external sources such as engines or the surrounding environment. They then transfer this heat to the surrounding air.

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of heat exchangers to serve any hydraulic application. To provide an overview of the full spectrum of standard products, above we present a chart summarizing major manufacturers and general specifications on their products. Below is a table containing contact information for each company. To read up on some of the standard products offered by these manufacturers, check out the PDF of this article (click on the PDF link at the top of the article).


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