Zero-Leak Banjo Fittings

Zero-Leak Banjo Fittings

Custom-designed banjo fitting product line is made with multiple seal technology for a zero-leak connection in vibration, pressure spike and temperature variation applications. Multiple seals distinguish the Zero-Leak Gold Banjo Fitting from traditional copper washer dependent Banjo fittings. Two separate and independent seals form a double redundant sealing system. A primary metal-to-metal seal works in conjunction with an elastomeric backup seal to create a zero-leak connection.  Banjo bolt and body are held in place by the O-rings, in addition to their backup seal function. Design can be adapted to steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. They fit sizes that accept SAE J1926 and ISO 6149 port configurations.  Zero-Leak Gold Banjo Fittings offer a zero-leak guarantee.

EPCO Products Inc., (800) 879-3726

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