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igus rig

Outdoor Test Rig Compares Bearings under High Loads

At its 2,750 square-meter test lab, the company assesses movements of energy chains, chainflex cables, and plastic bearings to determine optimal configurations for maximum service life.

Company, igus announces the addition of a front-loader rig to its outdoor test lab. The rig can be used to emulate heavy-loading conditions in agricultural and construction equipment. It can be fitted with different bearing and shaft combinations to determine optimal assemblies for maximum product service life. Using online configurators, the company can analyze data recorded during trials to compare service lives for metal and plastic bearings, as well as other components.

The surface pressure of the test rig lies between 3191 and 4,279 psi, and can be changed to generate the intended force on the bearing point. For example, 4,279 psi can be applied to a bearing with a diameter and length of 20 millimeters to generate a load of 2,645 lbs.

The test rig completes four cycles per minute, with tests lasting approximately two weeks. Interested parties can observe testing live on a webcam.

The company offers its testing services to determine the life of bearings under various loading conditions, and stores test results in database for customer access.

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