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International Fluid Power Conference Extends Call for Papers

The annual conference is a high-priority event for fluid power experts looking to become acquainted with recent developments in the industry.

The 11th International Fluid Power Conference (iFK), one of the most renowned scientific conferences for fluid power, will take place March 20-21, 2018. Led by the Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Controls (IFAS), the conference committee recently announced an extension for abstract submissions to May 22.

Abstracts may be written in English and German, and should summarize the technological developments that the applicant wishes to present at the conference. Conference topics will include digitalization, connectivity, and communication; components; systems; tribology and fluids; pneumatics; mobile applications; industrial applications; energy management; design process; and news and special applications.

Themed “Fluid Power Networks,” IFK is expected to create an environment for scientists and manufacturers to discover new developments in the Internet of Things and big-data management. It will serve as a platform for experts to share solutions that integrate fluid power drives with mechanical and electrical ones to augment system performance. The conference will also shine a spotlight on interconnectivity for systems in mobile and industrial equipment to improve their safety, performance, and features for preventative diagnostics.  

The conference will include a range of events valuable to innovators in the industry. Lectures will be held in the Eurogress in Aachen, and presented in English and in German with English subtitles. A conference banquet will occur on Tuesday evening, March 20 in the Coronation Hall of the Aachen town hall with a traditional entertainment program performed by the IFAS staff. In addition, a symposium will be held a day before the conference, and excursions to places of technical interests will be held for two days afterward.

An exhibition will be conducted in parallel with the conference starting the evening of March 19. Led by the company, top Messebau GmbH, the exhibition will extend the opportunity for visitors to become acquainted with experts’ recent developments and products in fluid power technology. Special breaks will be implemented into the conference schedule to allow visitors to attend the exhibits.

Key aspects of the exhibition will include components, systems, and accessories; sensors and diagnostics; hardware and software for signal processing; fluids and lubricants, simulation software for fluid power, valve actuators, and technical literature.

The deadline to register for the event is January 19, 2018. To learn more about the conference, visit

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