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Hannover Fair Train Station

The Hannover Fair has always been an impressive event, not only for its sheer size and number of people, but also because of the exhibits and technology on display.

But getting back to Hannover’s number of people, here’s a video Editor Alan Hitchcox shot at the North Entrance to the Hannover Fair when he last attended in 2011. It shows a transit train dropping off people in the morning. It looks like a sea of people pouring out the doors and flowing toward the entrance.

This wave of people gets dropped off about every three minutes for about two hours every morning of the show. If that’s not impressive enough, understand that this is just the North Entrance, and there are at least three more.

Hannover Fair consists of more than 25 exhibit halls, plus outdoor areas. So it’s no wonder that a place this huge place gets pretty crowded by mid-morning.


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