Workers make repairs using Price Engineering39s hydraulic cylinder repair bench Photo courtesy of Brianne Mueller, Marketing Coordinator, Price Engineering
<p> Workers make repairs using Price Engineering&#39;s hydraulic cylinder repair bench.</p>

Price Engineering continues to expand

Price Engineering continues to expand with extended hydraulic cylinder and pump repair services, as well as two new hose stores.

Price Engineering recently expanded its repair, rebuild, retail, and field service operations, with the opening of a 15,000-ft2 addition at its headquarters in Hartland, Wis. The new addition will also serve as the central location for Price On-Site, which provides in-plant and remote field services within Wisconsin and the U.S.

Workers make repairs using Price Engineering's hydraulic cylinder repair bench. Photo courtesy of Brianne Mueller, Marketing Coordinator, Price Engineering

The expansion also allows Price Engineering to offer expanded capabilities in cylinder repair, pump, motor, valve, gearbox, and hydraulic system repairs. A variety of machine tools, test equipment and welding equipment allow the company to service a wide variety of hydraulic system components. In addition, four 1/2-ton Jib cranes and a 15-ton bridge crane allow it to tackle small- to large-scale projects.

The Hartland addition is home to the soon-to-open Hartland Price Hose Center, an authorized Eaton Aeroquip express hose store that specializes in the sale of fluid conveyance components and on-demand, custom hose assemblies. Extended capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair 

  • Cylinder honing and polishing (13 – 16 ft in length)
  • Lapping machine for reconditioning pumps and valves
  • H-frame press, milling machine, and lathe for component repairs
    The expansion has increased Price Engineering's hydraulic pump repair capabilities. Photo courtesy of Brianne Mueller, Marketing Coordinator, Price Engineering
  • Arc, mig, and tig welding tools/capabilities
  • Large component wash-down area with hot pressure washer 
  • Bead-blasting cabinet for removing paint, rust and corrosion

Hydraulic System Testing

  • Valve test bench and multiple pump test stands 
  • Mobile HPU test stands
  • A 500-gal test reservoir with recirculation loops, pilot pressure, a transfer system and a particle counter
  • Various other test equipment, including particle counters, flow meters, data acquisition, test HPU, a 10,000-series CharLynn test bench, and more.

This expansion comes just a few months after the company opened its first hose retail location in Oak Creek, Wis. The store is an authorized Eaton | Aeroquip Hose Center and carries products from Aeroquip, Char-Lynn, Boston and Vickers divisions of the company.

Hoses are available to order and are cut, crimped and packaged to exact specifications. The store stocks thousands of hydraulic and pneumatic items, including fittings, adapters, quick-disconnects, brass products, filters, breathers, flow meters, test points, tube kits, directional control valves, and more.

Other services include proactive on-site maintenance, express hose service and 24/7 emergency service.

Visit for more details.

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