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Rodless Pneumatic Cylinders

This brochure details the wide range of pneumatic products that sprang from Tolomatic’s “Float-A-Shaft,” developed to improve the efficiency of bagger/sealing machinery used in the flour and milling industry. The right-angle gear box permits quick product changeover. After that innovation came the cable cylinder, a low-cost simple mechanism to lift and sort bags. Today’s Endurance Technology now includes power transmission solutions like caliper disc brakes and disc cone clutches, as well as pneumatic actuators that include a large selection of rodless cylinders. Electric actuators are also part of the range of products detailed in this brochure, including rodless screw and belt designs. Industry installations include packaging, automotive, food & beverage, material handling, metal processing, paper, and medical.

Tolomatic; click here to download a PDF of the literature.

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