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Product Roundup: Pneumatic Cylinders & Automation Components

Three actuators, filters that accommodate high flows, and a pneumatic locking brake are highlighted as some of the most recent products used for automation and industrial applications.

Compact Air Cylinders Come in Various Models

Compact air cylinders, like the Flat -I round body cylinder shown above, come with an F Series mounting option, eight standard bores from 9/16 to 4 in. and stroke lengths ranging from 0.125 to 16 in. with 0.001-in. increments. Several front-and rear-end cap mounting styles are available as well. Thanks to permanent grease lubrication, L-option seals, and hard chrome-plated piston rods, they have an improved rod-seal life and performance rated for 3,000 miles of travel. The bumper is designed for maximum performance, and thick-walled aluminum and composite cylinder bodies can also be included. Models can be chosen for low-pressure hydraulic designs, metallic scrapers, and compatibility with magnetic reed switches.

Bimba Mfg., (708) 534-8544, 


Shaker Cylinders Feature Rugged Design for High Load Support

Pneumatically-driven compact shaker systems are beltless feeders that can be used in conveyor systems typically found in the stamping industry or other parts-transfer and scrap-removal applications. They have minimal moving parts, and are installed by connecting mounts to a die base. They do not require any electrical connection, and can be directly connected to a compressed air source. Their piston design delivers smooth operation with low noise and high energy absorption without the need for lubrication. Five standard base models are available with bore sizes from ¾ to 2 ½ in. They fit specific die openings and tray loads up to 50 lbs, and support maximum loads up to 140 lb.

Compact Automation Products, (864) 647-9521, 


Cylinders Automatically Accommodate Varying Loads

The IMI Norgren ISOLine family of ISO 15552 standard cylinders features adaptive cushioning that naturally accommodates varying loads, as well as application changes without any adjustments to the cushion screw. Weighing 20% lighter than previous models, they reduce machine weight and shipping costs, and adhere to tight tolerances for smoother piston movements and lower leakage in lock-out systems. Featuring switch mounting on three sides, robust construction, and a clean profile, they are flexible in food-processing applications and heavy-duty industrial settings.

IMI Precision Engineering, (800) 514-0129, 


Company Expands Compressed Air Filter Line for High Flows

This compressed-air filter line now includes designs that accommodate larger flows ranging from 20 – 11,875 cfm. Filters featuring a bowl-style housing with a bayonet-style connection accommodate flows from 650 to 1,130 cfm, while pressure-vessel style filters can maintain low pressure drops across flow rates from 1,250 to 11,875 cfm. All filters are ASME/CRN rated and feature full vessel-diameter access for simplified maintenance. The line also includes liquid separator, particulate, coalescing, and oil vapor adsorbing filters to meet air quality needs for ISO 8573.1 air-quality levels. Particulate and coalescing filters feature deep pleated filter elements wrapped in stainless steel cages. Vapor filters use high efficiency carbon matting to prevent channeling, reduce pressure drop, and prevent particles from escaping.

Kaeser, (877) 596-7138, 


Ring Drives Reduce Backlash in High-Torque Automation Apps


The CRD 250B compact ring drive (CRD) integrates a zero-backlash locking/brake that delivers twice the amount of torque over the original model. With a brake life of 1 million cycles, it is used in cutting systems, automated welding, medical packaging, robotics, and semiconductor production applications.

The brake is spring engaged and pneumatically released to default lock in case of a power failure or emergency. Radial slots for cable and line routing simplifies pneumatic connection easy; a pneumatic bard fitting is installed. The device offers a holding torque of 800 Nm with a maximum release pressure of 60 psi. Thanks to its three-drive design configuration, the CRD can be optimized for speeds up to 225 RPM, high torque, or both, depending on the application.

Nexen Group Inc., (800) 843-7445, 


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