Product Configurator Grants Autonomy to Designers

Product Configurator Grants Autonomy to Designers

Customers can now configure a wide range of products into 3D CAD models using Nason’s online interactive product configurator. Powered by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the configurator is available online and provides an easily manipulated 3D CAD model that can be downloaded for later use. Instead of emailing or calling in requests for CAD models, users can tinker to find optimum configurations according to their unique specifications and space limitations.

The configurator features Nason products, ranging from cylinders to transducers and switches. To try the new configurator, go to, open the “Products” dropdown menu, and click “CONFIGURE.” Users should keep in mind that there is no minimum order for customized parts. In addition, if a CAD model is configured and downloaded, the Nason sales team will provide a free product sample.

To learn more about the Nason configurator, watch the video below: 

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