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60th anniversary
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Motion-Solutions Manufacturer Celebrates Diamond Anniversary

PHD celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

Founded in 1957, PHD Inc. has developed expertise in industrial motion and automation solutions for more than half a decade, broadening its outreach to vendors to further its commitment to a customer base in need of automated solutions. The company prides itself in manufacturing components with high precision and extremely long service lives so that it can bring value-added solutions to manufacturers and customers in various industries.

Since the initial release of the Tom Thumb pneumatic cylinder, PHD has broadened its component offerings to include electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic actuators. PHD currently partners with YRG Robotics and distributes Yamaha brand robotics for North America at its Fort Wayne location. The Fort Wayne campus includes administrative offices, a technology and training center, and a 85,000 square-foot manufacturing and assembly center. The company employs more than 300 workers in total at its Fort Wayne and Huntington Facilities. 

 “PHD is honored to have worked with such wonderful customers, distributors, and vendors over the past 60 years. Our partners and our dedicated employees really have been the reason for our success. We are very proud of what we have contributed to our communities and we will to continue to provide for a very long time,” says Gary Murphy, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Engineering.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics congratulates PHD on their commitment to automation over the past 60 years through their fluid-power offerings and services.

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