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Market Report Explores Hydraulic Cylinder Industry

Market Report Explores Hydraulic Cylinder Industry

InterOcean Advisors, Chicago, is an investment bank focused on providing merger and acquisition and capital-raising advisory services to manufacturing companies. InterOcean is committed to the manufacturing industry, with expertise in the capital equipment, flow control, and other sectors.

This sample suggests that the majority of geographic concentration of hydraulic cylinder manufacturers lies within the Midwestern states. Interestingly, refuse and garbage collection seemed to be a common end market for companies based in California. Click on image for larger view.

InterOcean’s research and data analytics team recently released a report on the hydraulic cylinder industry focusing on trends, noteworthy opportunities, and possible threats. Based on its research, InterOcean concludes the industry as a whole has regained virtually all lost ground and stabilized at levels existing prior to economic decline in 2008 and 2009.

Experts believe the positive outlook for certain end user markets such as material handling equipment and construction machinery is a promising sign that the industry will achieve a steady overall growth rate. Also, the industry is poised to benefit from the export potential for agricultural and aerospace equipment to the Asia-Pacific region. Adoption of mechanized agriculture and increased spending on infrastructure in developing countries such as China and India will likely benefit North American equipment vendors.

William D. Doepke, Managing Director at InterOcean, offered, “With both GDP and industrial production moving in a positive direction, the demand for equipment that requires hydraulic actuators is improving. Of course, this positive contribution is being somewhat offset by softness in commodity-dependent sectors, such as agriculture, mining, and oil & gas.”

Overseas demand for hydraulic cylinders is primarily driven by the need for high quality and heavy-duty components. Despite the increased strength of the U.S. dollar, demand for specialized, highly engineered components such as hydraulic cylinders may not be as affected as other more commoditized items. Click on image for larger view.

The report also identifies potential threats posed by the fragile global economy and a strong U.S. dollar that may put pressure on exports and allow imports of hydraulic cylinders to be more cost competitive. Primarily driven by advancements in new technology and continued emphasis on quality, US-based industry participants are expected to experience a positive future. 

In addition, the report addresses recent industry mergers and acquisitions. Doepke added, “We believe a fairly robust market exists currently — likely reflective of:
1) emphasis on gaining global scale,
2) efforts to achieve broader, stronger, product portfolios,
3) important private equity interest in the industry, and
4) market valuations meeting private owner expectations. 

Click here to download a free copy of the report, or contact InterOcean Advisors LLC at (312) 324-3053 or visit

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