JARP Opens New Cylinder Remanufacturing Facility

JARP Opens New Cylinder Remanufacturing Facility

JARP Industries opens a new stand-alone manufacturing facility for its cylinder remanufacturing business. The 25,000-sq-ft facility is part of JARP’s long-term commitment to cylinder remanufacturing and dedicated to its JARP/RE remanufacturing program.

The new facility increases remanufacturing capacity from 7,000 to 20,000 cylinders a year. JARP now has the ability to offer customers customized inventory programs.

JARP Industries designs, manufactures and remanufactures custom hydraulic cylinders and other fluid power products for equipment manufacturers in several industries. JARP's manufacturing facilities produce over 40,000 custom hydraulic cylinders per year.

For more inforamtion on JARP Industries visit www.jarpind.com

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