Cylinder configurator generates ready-to-use drawings

The Peninsular metric model IHP Hydraulic Cylinder Configurator provides 2-dimensional drawings and 3-dimensional models. The Cylinder Configurator, accessible through Peninsular’s website, makes ordering cylinders easier by having users answer questions from drop-down menus, thus eliminating the need for confusing cylinder catalogs and complex engineering data.

Click on image for larger view.

Peninsular’s Cylinder Configurator provides quick and easy cylinder ordering and solid model CAD drawings that can be downloaded immediately. In addition, 2-dimensional flat line drawings with dimensions may be instantly received within minutes after the cylinder configuration is complete. In addition, the cylinder part number, mounting style, cylinder bore, piston rod diameter, rod threads, accessory and seal kit part numbers, port and cushion locations are also presented in the title block of every configured 2-D drawing. Details on metric accessories and cylinder repair kits are also included.

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