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Crossing New Bridges: Compact Actuators for Simpler Moving Infrastructure

These electrohydraulic drives from Bosch Rexroth are used in movable bridges and ship-lock gates to support activities in the infrastructure sector.

Actuators with a closed-loop design and built-in oil reservoir enable plug-and-play installation in infrastructure and civil engineering projects, as well as full testing before delivery. In addition, they eliminate the need for external power sources and reservoirs on site, resulting in more attractive bridges and infrastructure that is reliable for transportation and activities within the supply-chain.

Both the drive control and hydraulics, including the oil reservoir, are integrated into a compact, closed-loop actuator so that no external pumps or power sources are needed to intake oil from an auxiliary oil reservoir.

“This solution draws on closed-loop hydraulic systems that we developed for the offshore market. By combining those with our proven drive technologies, we have developed an innovative solution that addresses the needs of the civil and infrastructure markets,” says Ron Van den Oetelaar, Vice President Business Unit Large Projects at Bosch Rexroth.

And, as industries move toward solutions with better connectivity and data logging in the Internet of Things, these drives ensure infrastructure projects are met with proactive maintenance and advanced diagnostics. The drives can be fitted with sensors and monitor parameters such as oil quality and temperature so that their operation can be monitored remotely.

“These smart electro-hydraulic cylinders are the missing link in smart infrastructure systems,” says Mr. Van den Oetelaar. “They bring the reliability of Bosch Rexroth’s hydraulic cylinders to the market in a simple plug-and-play solution.”

For more updates about U.S. infrastructure, be sure to visit our sister website, Icons of Infrastructure.

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