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Ag Apps Are Just the Beginning

Ag Apps Are Just the Beginning

The PowerMax cylinders developed by Delavan, featuring tie-rod construction, target agricultural as well as other applications.

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Delavan’s tie-rod cylinders (below) can be used in agricultural equipment, such as this potato harvester, but their strength and reliability at working pressures to 3,000 psi also handle applications such as construction and forestry equipment.

As its name implies, Delavan Ag Pumps, Minneapolis, makes a variety of pumps for agricultural applications. However, Delavan also makes hydraulic cylinders, and not just for the ag market.

Delavan’s Series PML and PMH PowerMax hydraulic cylinders feature tie-rod construction and working pressure ratings of 2,500 psi and 3,000 psi, respectively. Both series come in standard bores of 2, 2½, 3, 3½, 4, and 5 in. with ductile iron rod clevis and heat-treated piston rods. Derek Proulx, product manager at Delavan, says all cylinders are tested to 1½ times working pressure.

Delavan also offers two-stage hydraulic pumps, monoblock directional control valves, and flow-control valves. For more information, call Delavan Ag Pumps at (612) 333-3189, email delavansale[email protected], or visit

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