Pneumatic Flow Controllers Absorb Shock

Pneumatic Flow Controllers Absorb Shock

Pneumatic flow controllers are said to be the first to have a built-in shock absorber to lower impact shock. Two stages are used to control initial air exhaust speed (first stage) and final air exhaust speed (second stage), cushioning the pneumatic cylinder at the end of a stroke. The controllers have three adjustable needles to calibrate the initial speed of air exhaust, the speed of the cylinder brake for air cushioning, as well as the timing of the speed shift. The flow controllers, which absorb up to 1/9 of the shock at the end of a cycle, require less maintenance than traditional external shock absorbers, thus tripling the flow controller’s useful life. Controllers are available with 4-, 6-, and 8-mm tube diameters, and have an operating pressure range of 0.2 ~ 1.0 MPa.

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