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Multi-Domain Modeling and Simulation Intended for Fluid Power

Multi-Domain Modeling and Simulation Intended for Fluid Power

Easy5 software is a graphics-based tool for modeling, simulation, and design of multi-domain dynamic systems characterized by differential, difference, and algebraic equations. Systems that can be analyzed using Easy5 include hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, electrical, thermal, powertrain, vehicle dynamics, digital/analog control systems, and more.

Typical screen shot of Easy5 being used with hydraulics. Click on image for larger view.

Models are assembled from prebuilt or user-generated components from system-level blocks, such as valves, actuators, heat exchangers, engines, clutches, or from primitive functional blocks, such as summers, dividers, lead-lag filters, and integrators. Schematic-based building blocks are packaged in application libraries. Users can also create custom libraries for reuse and sharing. An open architecture provides an interface to a broad set of software and hardware tools, including Adams, MSC Nastran, and Simulink.

Users can perform linear and nonlinear analyses on the same executable model. Nonlinear analysis options include the ability to perform dynamic behavior and steady-state analyses on the system model. The software can also generate a linear approximation of a nonlinear model to provide insight into the stability and performance of the nonlinear system at various operating points. Analysis tools include: transfer function, root locus, Eigen value sensitivity, stability margins, and linear model generation analysis.

Available libraries include:

General purpose — Blocks that are general in nature are used across a broad spectrum of applications. This library is always included with Easy5.

Interactive simulation — Users can perform a simulation in an interactive mode during which model data can be changed and plots displayed as the simulation progresses. Interactive simulation is useful because you can monitor results and change input parameters while the simulation is running and stop it if the results are undesirable.

Click on the icon to watch an informative video.

Thermal hydraulic — This consists of a set of Easy5 components designed to model the transient and steady-state behavior of hydraulic liquid/mechanical systems, including transient thermal energy effects and heat transfer. Sample problems that can be solved include:
• compressible fluid problems like cavitation, water hammer transients
• fluid viscosity degradation, multiple viscosity fluids
• complex valves and actuators.

Gas dynamics — This library is a collection of components to model compressible gas systems, including pneumatics, environmental control, and gas transmission. Transient forms of the energy and mass conservation equations are modeled, with gas composition allowed to vary throughout a system.

Click here to download a PDF datasheet providing more detail on the capabilities, features, and benefits of Easy5 software.

Click here to download a PDF file summarizing a technical papger, "Modeling and Simulation of a Subsea Hydraulic Actuator used in Subsea Oil and Gas Extraction."

For more information call MSC Software Corp., Newport Beach, Calif., at (714) 540-8900, or visit

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