Long-Life Transducers Tackle High-Pressure Apps

Long-Life Transducers Tackle High-Pressure Apps

The 3100/3200 Series of thin-film pressure transducers developed by Gems Sensors handle pressure ranges from 0-75 psi to 0-30000 psi, depending on the particular device. The 3200 series transducers, which feature thick diaphragms to withstand pressure spikes, maintain a useful life of more than 100M cycles in pulsating applications. The 3100 series is manufactured with the latest automated equipment. Response time for the transducers is 1 ms. A broad choice of electrical outputs, threading, and electrical and pressure connections is available for the series. All units employ stainless-steel wetted parts. Most transducers have a three-day delivery; custom ordering is simplified with a how-to-order feature in the catalog.

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