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Linear Sensor Intended for Mobile Equipment

Linear Sensor Intended for Mobile Equipment

A new magnetostrictive threaded sensor can be used to upgrade industrial sensor systems like those in crane riggers—without having to change the surrounding mechanical structure.

Magnetostrictive linear transducers have long been the sensor of choice for industrial applications because of their high resolution, repeatability, and response. Their non-contact operation presents the additional advantage of long life, and mounting them inside a hydraulic cylinder provides the ultimate in compact design.

However, magnetostrictive transducers usually were not considered for mobile equipment because of the heavy shock and vibration typically found in these applications. Cost was another consideration. The ability to maintain positioning within thousandths of an inch is a major benefit for magnetostrictive transducers in manufacturing environments.

Mobile equipment, though, generally does not require the positioning accuracy of manufacturing applications. Therefore, magnetostrictive transducers were often considered overkill for mobile equipment—it just wasn’t worth the expense when that level of precision wasn’t needed.


Crane outriggers are just one application that can benefit from magnetostrictive linear transducers (below) designed for use in hydraulic cylinders on mobile equipment.


Manufacturers have responded by offering magnetostrictive transducers that can now tolerate the shock and vibration inherent to many mobile equipment applications. They have also taken measures to reduce manufacturing costs to make the sensors more affordable.

Now that magnetostrictive transducers have been specified more often in mobile equipment, MTS Sensors, Cary, N.C., has taken the next logical step by offering sensors with a threaded flange mounting option, making them able to conform to configurations widely used in mobile equipment.

The Temposonics MH5 threaded sensor is intended for mobile applications, such as crane outriggers and delivers typical resolution of ±0.1mm, repeatability of ±0.1mm, and full-scale linearity of ±0.04%. Standard strokes are available to 2,500 mm (8,2 ft.), and the sensor rod comes in 7- and 10-mm (0.27 and 0.39-in.) diameters for cylinders with a 50-mm (2-in.) bore or larger. Operating temperature capability ranges from -40 to 105°C (–40 to 220°F).

Temposonics MH Series sensors can be used for upgrading existing sensing systems without having to change the surrounding mechanical structure. They can be fully sealed and embedded in a hydraulic cylinder, which conserves space and protects the sensor from the environment. A proprietary M12×1 connector system ensures IP-69K protection for the entire hydraulic cylinder. Proprietary magnetostrictive technology makes the sensors highly resistant to vibration, shock, and electromagnetic interference.

For more information call MTS Systems’ Sensors Div. at (800) 633-7609, or visit

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