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IFPE Showcases Products from Software to Breathers

Smart Hydraulic Solutions Fast

Design tools in the new QuickDesign software with a SmartConnect integrated package enable quick concept to shipped solution.  Users can choose from a wide range of cartridge valves and HCT controllers for challenging applications. Design tool package includes counterbalance cartridge valves; a wide range of solenoid-operated cartridges like the digital logic valve; Bluetooth-configurable embedded amplifiers; programmable and configurable controllers; and a broad range of directional, proportional, flow control, pressure control, logic, and multi-function valves. These components can be packaged into compact five-axis manifold designs, with user’s own manifold design or one from Sun.


IFPE Booth S81029

Linear Transducer Uses Hall-Effect Technology

Model ELA linear transducer uses Hall Effect technology and mounts externally to mobile hydraulic cylinders. They can be used in double-ended cylinders, steering and long-stroke cylinders where gun drilling had previously been cost-prohibitive. They are easily field replaceable and operate in temperatures from –40° to 105°C. Output ranges include voltage, current, PWM and CanBus. They offer stroke lengths up to 33 ft and resolution from 0.1 to 10 mm. Transducers can be made for strokes to 54 ft, and also available as a combined linear and pressure transducer, capable of monitoring long strokes with working pressures up to 720 bar (10,500 psi).

IFPE Booth S84130

Differential Pressure Instruments

These gauges and instruments for differential pressure and flow measurements monitor the operation and condition of hydraulic filters, fuel filters, and lube oil filters. Engineered instruments deliver reliability and value in hostile environments. Product offerings include a full line of differential-pressure and flow monitoring gauges, switches, and transmitters. Static pressure capabilities accommodate up to 10,000 psi. Pressure bodies are machined from solid blocks of metal. Magnetic couplings have no mechanical linkage to break. Continuous improvement process reduces costs, allows for fast delivery and high quality standards.

Orange Research &

IFPE Booth S83656

Contamination-Control Breathers

Breathers are easy to install using one of several adaptors and help guard against multiple contaminants to protect reservoirs and tanks and reduce maintenance costs. Five models are available: D Series, rated for 35 to 250-cfm airflow; M Series, rated for airflow to 300 cfm; Z Series, rated for air flow to 10 cfm; R Series, for applications with great vibration; and X Series, for high-humidity environments.

Ultra Clean Technologies Corp.,

IFPE Booth S8223

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