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Automation Direct announced the addition of enhanced Designer programming software to its BRX PLC—also known as the Do-more! Controller. Do-more! Designer 2.0 will include new features to improve programming efficiency, including a new user-friendly dashboard that allows for intuitive navigation to important features/functions.

The software will also include embedded video help. From the start page, users can access “getting started” videos that explain software functions, troubleshooting best practices, and architecture basics. The software also includes links to Automation Direct’s online video library and FAQs.

Users can browse the video-help page and search videos by topic. Videos can be downloaded to watch later, or at job sites where there may be limited internet access.

The instruction set in Do-more! Designer 2.0 also includes video help, with 30- to 60-second videos for over 50 instruction sets. Users can access assistance for instructions quickly by simply clicking the play icon at the top of the instruction dialog.

To see the current list of instructional videos visit Or download a free copy of Do-more! Designer 2.0 from  Read more about the Do-more! BRX PLC at

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