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Do-it-Yourself Internet of Things

The StrideLinx platform provides secure access over the IIoT.

StrideLinx branding license from AutomationDirect lets companies create a custom IoT platform with a user-specified domain name, the company logo on the login screen, and customized support and contact information. The platform provides secure access over the industrial internet of things to remotely connect, monitor, and troubleshoot multiple field devices. StrideLinx cloud-enables any Ethernet-ready device for a one-time premium branding license of $1,850.00.

The StrideLinx platform consists of three types of VPN routers and two antenna sets (Wifi and cellular). 5GB monthly data bandwidth is included, and subscription options include additional bandwidth (up to 50GB) and cloud data logging. The StrideLinx platform allows unlimited users, and unlimited concurrent client and mobile connections.

Subscription options provide added services to the StrideLinx remote access solution. Subscriptions are not needed for the basic function of the VPN but can be added to enhance the value of the platform. Cloud data logging, for example, allows saving system data within the platform for a convenient, web-based live or historical record of system performance available whenever needed.

For more information visit, or call (800) 633-0405.

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