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DAVIS Delivers Autonomous Features to Off-Road Vehicles

The Danfoss Autonomous Vehicle Integration System, otherwise known as DAVIS, is a flexible platform that adds autonomous features to off-highway vehicles.

Danfoss enters the autonomous vehicle space with its autonomous driving system for off-road vehicles, DAVIS. The platform is highlighted for its versatility in various equipment, and integration with myriad sensors. The system can be customized to monitor and control various functions in off-road vehicles. 

“The technology for autonomous vehicles is already there,” says Allan Hermanni, Senior Director of Portfolio and Innovation at Danfoss Power Solutions. “What we want to do is fine-tune how sensors work with the technology and add value. We want to start a dialogue with our customers — to share our knowledge but also to learn from them. They are the ones building the machines, and we want to make sure we’re developing the right solutions for their most pressing needs.”

DAVIS uses a cloud-based command interface to manage controls and analyze data so that operators can control machines remotely and understand data trends to improve machine uptime and productivity.

DAVIS also uses localized algorithms for path optimization and evaluation of driving conditions. It uses data from sensors to automatically detects both stationary and moving obstacles, and then optimize its path to avoid them. It can can track multiple moving objects at a time, and combines both global and local positioning data to produce an accurate location reading. Finally, the Intelligent Control built on the PLUS+1 platform combines multiple levels of machine control into one common platform. 

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