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Convenient Industrial Ethernet Master Is Now Open-Source and Free

Though used primarily with electrical drives, the SERCOS closed-loop control platform can be implemented on industrial controllers for automated, proportional hydraulic systems.

The Sercos SoftMaster industrial Ethernet master is now available for free on Sercos SoftMaster can be implemented on most standard industrial-PC hardware including X86 or ARM. It is supported by a variety of operating systems, and is flexible and economical because it does not require any dedicated hardware.

Offered by Bosch Rexroth under MIT open-source license, the software can also come with a Sercos-on-a-Stick livesystem demo on a free USB thumb drive. The livesystem is useful for those looking to learn how to use the software.

The master works with standard Ethernet controllers using suitable real-time operating system. For medium- to high-synchronicity requirements with less than 100 ns jitter and bus cycle times of less than 125µs, the use of a TTS-capable Ethernet controller (such as the Intel I210) and a suitable real-time operating system is recommended. If two of these Ethernet controllers are synchronized, ring architecture with seamless redundancy is also possible.

Interested companies can book integration training via Sercos International ([email protected]) or Bosch Rexroth ([email protected] 

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