Bimba's new IntelliSense technology provides predictive intelligence for pneumatics

Bimba's new IntelliSense technology provides predictive intelligence for pneumatics

Bimba Mfg., a manufacturer of pneumatic, electropneumatic, and electromechanical automation products and systems  today introduced IntelliSense, a technology platform that will let users to be proactive about maintenance and system optimization. IntelliSense combines sensors, cylinders, and software to deliver real-time performance data, enhancing productivity without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

“In today’s competitive global market, manufacturers are under intense pressure to meet their production targets,” says Tom Wood, Director of Marketing at Bimba, University Park, Ill. “Machines running at maximum load are increasing wear on pneumatic components and are more likely to break down, compromising operational efficiency. Bimba created IntelliSense to deliver precise and accurate performance-related data with which users can make smarter decisions to ensure maximum uptime and component effectiveness.”

IntelliSense is an example of the Internet of Things, the Industry 4.0 movement that is linking machines and their components to technology platforms.  In helping to create intelligent production systems that communicate real-time information to evaluate the potential life cycle of pneumatic components, Bimba is showing that industry and technology can be combined to help manufacturing reach its full potential.

The intelligence of IntelliSense is embedded inside a Sensor Interface Module (SIM), a remote monitoring device connected to sensors attached to Bimba cylinders using pneumatic fittings. Users receive operational insights about cylinder condition, cycle time, pressure (to 0.01 psi), and temperatures (down to 0.01°).

In addition, IntelliSense delivers predictive intelligence for pneumatics in the form of up-to-date condition information that predicts when a cylinder will fail. IntelliSense can also identify when a component is achieving its desired performance specification. For example, users will be alerted if a cylinder that should be actuating in 1 second is taking 1.5 seconds. This is especially important in sequencing applications that depend on precise stroke rates. Ultimately, this machine-to-machine technology lets users  move from emergency repair to proactive maintenance, thus optimizing production as a whole.

IntelliSense is compatible with Bimba cylinders in pneumatic systems, but the company plans to extend its capabilities to other Bimba products in the future.

For more information, call (800) 442-4622 or visit, where you can sign up for a free demo. Click here to download a brochure, or click here to download a white paper on the subject.

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