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Avoiding the Crowd

Avoiding the Crowd

One manufacturer set out to overcome the problem of a large external control cabinet in packaging machines by doing a complete redesign using Festo’s CPX/MPA valve terminal.

A common characteristic in packaging machines is a large external control cabinet that houses not only electronic controls, but pneumatic valves and connections to electric drives and sensors through a multiplicity of cables and long lengths of tubing. A manufacturer of packaging equipment set out to overcome this limitation by completely redesigning one of its machines to ultimately reduce its floor space required.

As a result, control cabinets containing the electrical and pneumatic components are now integrated into the machine’s pedestal angles. The compact machine footprint helps to minimize cabling and makes it easier to place the modules and components used right where they are needed, also making them more accessible. The key element of this transition is Festo’s CPX/MPA valve terminal.

The CPX/MPA valve terminal cut installation time and required space by about a third in a redesigned packaging machine.

CPX terminal links the pneumatic and electrical control chains using quick, easy, and versatile connections to any automation concept and in accordance with any company specific standards. Machine safety is also addressed by using Festo’s MS6-SV soft-start, quick exhaust valves. They provides reliable protection against unexpected start-up and feature an exhaust capacity 1½ times its pressure rating.

The machine itself contains a handling unit using Festo’s DGSL miniature pneumatic slide and EGC electromechanical actuator for precise travel to intermediate positions. The deliberate use of both pneumatic and electric drive technology allows high precision to be obtained together with a high load capacity.

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