Valve connectors

Valve connectors

Hirschmann GDM-series type A valve connectors are available either with electronic inserts with LED function display and/or circuitry to protect downstream electronics from voltage surges or electromagnetic interference. They facilitate both reliable power supplies and secure data transmission for components such as pressure transducers, temperature sensors, and flow monitors. Both designs have integrated strain relief and comply with UL 2238. High levels of shock and vibration resistance, coupled with protection ratings up to IP68, assure functional security. Housings’ rounded edges and protruding nonslip gripping surfaces on both sides ensure safe handling and faster connections. Variety of material options can match applications. Operating temperature range: -55°C to +90°C (may vary, depending on housing material). Wide range of cable gauges run from finely stranded to solid conductors.

Belden, Inc.


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