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Digital transducers have ultra-low energy consumption

Digital transducers have ultra-low energy consumption

Transducers Direct LLC, Cincinnati, offers the industry’s first configurable digital transducers, according to Rob Matthes, president. Series TD1000/1004 transducers are a direct replacement for any currently used analog unit but use time-to-digital technology for improved accuracy, reliability, and ultra-low power consumption.  

Built-in functionality eliminates the need for separate analog temperature and pressure switches, with typical applications ranging from injection molding machines and hydraulic presses to construction equipment, regardless of the media — oil, air, or water.  

“This is a digital transducer that is more accurate within a wider operating temperature range and has redundant sensor elements for added reliability. Our design enables it to be affordable without sacrificing features,” said Matthes.

TD1000/1004 units are customized for each application, including calibration for a specific task.

The transducers are direct replacements for analog units and have the same pin-to-pin configuration. A TD1000/1004 series transducer turns a digital signal into an analog output that is fed directly into an industrial controller.

“Tests have shown these digital units to be far less noisy than analog ones, which makes them less susceptible to electromagnetic interference,” Matthes explained. Current consumption is so low that, depending upon application and operating time, a four- to eight-year life is projected using a coin cell battery as a power source for wireless transducer solutions.”

The transducers feature built-in self diagnostics and are available with either a 2.3 mini DIN or M12 4-pin connector. They have a stainless steel housing and IP-69K rated seal.  The operating range is –40° to 85°C (–40° to 185°F).

For more information about the new TD1000/1004 series of digital transducers, visit, or call the company at (513) 583-9491 to arrange for an on-site application review.

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