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Website Support

If you need help with our site, including registration and technical issues, please contact Customer Care. email: [email protected]

Content Contacts

Karen Field
Executive Director of Content & User Engagement
(617) 649-0425
[email protected] 

Bob Vavra
Senior Content Director
(224) 806-0360
[email protected] 

Alan Hitchcox
(216) 931-9463
[email protected] 

Jeremy Cohen
Associate Editor/Community Manager
[email protected]

Ray I Scroggins
Contributing Editor
[email protected]

Jack L. Johnson
Contributing Technical Expert
[email protected]

Robert J. Sheaf, Jr.
Contributing Technical Expert
[email protected]

Production Contacts

Susan Poskin
Production Manager
(913) 967-7204
[email protected]

Subscription Contact

Please contact our Customer Service department at (866) 505-7173 or send email to
(866) 505 -7173
h[email protected]

List Rental Contact

Mary Ralicki
(212) 204-4284
M[email protected]

Reprints/Permissions Contacts

Wrights Media
b[email protected]

Sales Contacts

Ronald Klimko
(216) 931-9662
[email protected]

International Sales Contacts


Diego Casiraghi

P | 011.390.31.261407
F | 011.390.31.261380
[email protected]

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Christian Hoelscher
P |
[email protected] 

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, France, Spain, Portugal

Rachel Disanto

P | +011 44 1625 876622
M | +011 44 7794 366887
[email protected]


Helen Lai

P | 866.2.2727.7799
F | 866.2.2728.3686
[email protected]

Business Contacts

Tracy Smith
Managing Director, Design Engineering & Sourcing
(913) 967-1324
[email protected]

Ryan Malec
Digital Director, Design Engineering & Sourcing
(913) 967-1678
[email protected]