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Mini excavator loaded with big features

Mini excavator loaded with big features

Mini excavator loaded with big features

A big trend in small construction equipment is to capitalize on the features of full-size equipment while retaining the benefits of compact design. Take the SY35U mini-excavator from SANY America Inc., Peachtree City, Ga. The SY35U is powered by a 27.4-hp diesel engine driving a load-sensing hydraulic system that achieves high fuel economy without sacrificing performance.

SANY America’s SY35U mini-excavator has features normally found in full-size excavators, but not necessarily compact versions.

The excavator’s dual hydrostatic transmission provides two ground speeds from its hydraulic motors.  In addition to its double-acting hydraulic cylinders for work functions, the SY35U also relies on a hydraulic motor for swing speeds of 9 rpm.

As with other compact construction equipment, the ability to change attachments quickly is important to take full advantage of a machine’s versatility. To accomplish this, the SY35U has hydraulic lines running down the boom and arm as standard equipment, giving operators easy access for connecting attachments.

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