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Loader Backhoe Maximizes Resources

Loader Backhoe Maximizes Resources

Case Construction’s 580N EP loader backhoe combines high productivity from its precise hydraulic control with substantial fuel economy and maintenance-free operation from its Tier-4 Final engine.

Case Construction Equipment, Racine, Wis., recently unveiled its N series backhoe loaders with maintenance-free Tier-4 Final engine. The newest addition to the series is the 580N EP, which is powered by a 207 in.3 (3.4 l) diesel engine that puts out 74 gross hp (55 kW) at 2,200 rpm. The engine powers a mechanical drivetrain and a Parker Hannifin P330 single-section gear pump for backhoe, loader, and other hydraulic functions. The pump’s maximum output is 28.5 gpm at 3,350 psi (107.9 lpm @ 231 bar).

Hydraulic fluid is filtered to 7 microns, and a warning light comes on when the filter goes into bypass mode. This alerts the operator that the filter element needs to be replaced. The entire hydraulic system contains 26½ gal of hydraulic fluid, with 14 in the reservoir.

The loader function is controlled by two- or three-spool open-center monoblock valves through a single lever manual control for lift and tilt functions. The lift lever has a positive hold float position and a return-to-dig feature. The three-spool valve integrates a proportional electrohydraulic control for the auxiliary function, which has a proportional thumb switch with detent on the loader control handle.

Full pump flow is available to the loader’s auxiliary hydraulic circuit. The circuit leverages a unidirectional hydraulic valve equipped with an adjustable load-sensing relief valve to control attachment pressure and a six-position, flow-control selector for six detented, distinct flow settings.

Hydraulics for the backhoe uses a manual control valve with six- or seven-spool monoblock design. The basic control valve’s open-center parallel circuit handles all functions. A piloted backhoe control valve includes a six-, seven-, or eight-spool sectional closed-center control valve. The basic valve is closed center, with circuits in parallel with a post-compensated, flow-sharing feature for simultaneous operation of all circuits.

For more information on the 580N EP and other machines, visit, or call (262) 636-6011.

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