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Las Vegas Convention Center

WasteExpo 2018 Marks a Half-Century Disproving Waste

The main takeaway from The WasteExpo 2018 Show and Conference to be held in Las Vegas April 23-26 is that nothing in this world has to be wasted—especially opportunities to eliminate waste.

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Over the course of the 50 years in which the WasteExpo Show and Conference has been offered, the professionals representing organizations that keep organic and inorganic materials from ending up in bodies of water and landfills have proven that everything can have multiple chances at being useful. And as the readers of Hydraulics and Pneumatics have proven for the past 70 years, their skills and technologies contribute mightily to making resource recovery and recycling easier.

Their solutions enable the crushing, tearing, shaking, and pounding forces that help separate elements from compounds for the benefit of science, manufacturing, and the environment. See our list of exhibitors for a sample of the manufacturers who make best use of fluid power in their solutions.

This year’s WasteExpo program—to be held in Las Vegas April 23-26, in partnership with the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) and Dr. Stu Buckner—is designed to help the organizations responsible for recovering and recycling resources be smarter, safer, and more efficient about it. That’s done by helping them research new technologies, target manufacturing partners, find new suppliers/vendors, and learn new and better ways to do what they do best.

More than 12,000 industry experts will network with each other at this event to learn and share best practices and return home with invaluable new resources. Aside from the show’s 600-plus exhibitors, the conference program’s educators from around the world will offer the newest and best approaches to:

  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Automated collections
  • Composting
  • Curbside recycling
  • Data collection and security
  • Fleet maintenance best practices
  • Food loss, waste, and recovery
  • Healthcare waste management
  • Organics equipment and technologies
  • Roadside inspections
  • Robotics
  • Safety technologies
  • Zero-waste strategies and best practices

WasteExpo 2018 will begin the evening of April 23rd with a 50th Anniversary Welcome Reception sponsored by New Way, at Marquee Las Vegas in the Cosmopolitan hotel. Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub is said to be Las Vegas’ most sought-after nightlife and day party destination. 

On the morning of the 24th, Jim Fish, CEO of Waste Management, will outline the significant challenges and opportunities faced in the waste and recovery industries, and how their responses to those challenges will determine the future of resource sustainability.

Then, on the 24th and 25th, Mack Trucks will offer “Ride & Drive” opportunities for CDL-carrying attendees to test drive one of their refuse trucks. H&P readers will be particularly interested in how the truck’s design was inspired by customers’ demands for superior maneuverability, power, visibility, and ergonomics.

For more information about the Waste Expo 2018, or to register, go to You’ll also be welcomed to share your memories, photos, videos, and stories of your company’s connections to the waste and recycling industry over the last 50 years. They can be your first memory of #WasteExpo, a story about your products or services back in the day, or a quick update about how you became associated with the industry.

Fluid Power Exhibitors at Waste Expo

Alkon Corp. (Booth No. 237)                                                                

Applied Industrial Technologies (Booth No. 3002)

Baldwin Filters (Booth No. 4106)                                                         

Castrol (Booth No. 2471)                                                              

Chevron Lubricants (Booth No. 3301)                                      

Columbia Industrial Products Inc. (Booth No. 4377)                

Custom Hoists Inc. (Booth No. 876)                                            

DEL Hydraulics (Booth No. 1022)                                             

Elektrim Motors (Booth No. 1718)                       

HAWE Hydraulics (Booth No. 944)                                

Heavy Motions Inc. (Booth No. 3977)                                 

The Hose Company (Booth No. 3981)                

Hub Industrial Supply (Booth No. 338)                               

Hydraulics & Pneumatics (Booth No. TBD)         

Hydro Leduc NA Inc. (Booth No. 4108)

Hydrolec Inc. (Booth No. 1362)                                                          

IMI Norgren (Booth No. 838)                                                  

Liebherr Construction Equipment (Booth No. 3577)                   

Mailhot Industries (Booth No. 441)                                         

Muncie Power Products (Booth No. 2437)                                  

OEM Controls Inc. (Booth No. 934)                                                

Parker Hannifin Corp. (Booth No. 2557)                                    

Permco Inc. (Booth No. 1345)                                                

Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc.  (Booth No. 3001)                          

Rotac Tippers by Micromatic LLC (Booth No. 935)                       

Schroeder Industries LLC (Booth No. 1614)                                 

TransAxle (Booth No. 874)                                           

Vogelsang Fastener Solutions (Booth No. 3926)                          

Walvoil Fluid Power (Booth No. 1450)                           

West Craft Mfg. (Booth No. 936)


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