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winning vehicle challenge team NFPA
The winners of the 2017 Vehicle Challenge pose for a picture with their chainless bicycle, the Purdue Tracer, which is powered using a hydraulic pump and motor.

Students Prepare for NFPA Vehicle Challenge

The National Fluid Power Association's Vehicle Challenge requires mechanical-engineering students to build a hydraulic drive system onto a bicycle.

The NFPA reports updates on its Vehicle Challenge, with teams recently completing their individual Midway Review calls. Teams told judges about their design objectives, vehicle designs, fluid power circuit designs, hardware, analyses, and progress on prototypes during calls, and are expected to fully enter the prototyping and testing phase in the coming months. The Final Competition will take place on April 10-14, 2018, at Danfoss in Ames, Iowa.

The challenge requires college engineering students to redesign traditional bicycles with hydraulic transmission. During the competition, teams present their vehicle construction and testing methods. They also are expected to present what they learned during the challenge. They will also compete in three races, which are Sprint, Efficiency, and Endurance.

The NFPA is still looking for judges and mentors to become involved in the NFPA Vehicle Challenge, especially donors for the Pascal Society. For more information on getting involved, contact Eric Lanke at [email protected]

Universities that would like to participate in the next Vehicle Challenge in 2018-2019 can contact Lynn Beyer at [email protected] or (414) 778-3364. Watch the video below to learn more about the competition. 


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