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See the Future of Fluid Power Now

The theme of the 12th International Fluid Power Conference—to be held March 9 to 11, 2020 in Dresden, Germany—may be “Future Technology,” but attendees will leave this event with things they’ll want to do immediately. That’s because they’ll have just heard about the latest research and development projects surrounding hydraulic and pneumatic drives and control systems.

If you go, expect to gain insights into the industry trends shaping your own systems and methods, including digitalization and 5G wireless connectivity of smart components. In addition to learning about predictive maintenance and condition monitoring, you’ll pick up strategies for applying more efficient architectures and smarter operations, and all you need to know about electrification, hybridization, and alternative power supplies. There will also be a focus on actuators and sensors, including smart technology, self-contained sensor solutions, ambient sensor technology, functional integration, control and manufacturing processes, and energy harvesting.

On the pneumatic side of the technology spectrum, topics include miniaturization, decentralization, noise reduction, efficiency enhancement, and mobile applications. A wide variety of industry-specific applications will be highlighted, including medical, food, subsea, solar, and wind and water power systems.

As a bonus, attendees will expand their personal network of project partners, customers, and potential suppliers. Visit for a detailed program overview.

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