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Maintain Your Usefulness

The Reliable Plant Conference happening at Cleveland’s Huntington Convention Center April 16th through 18th will equip attendees with the tools needed to go back to work—and make their workplaces better for it.

Everyone knows maintenance is a prerequisite for plant reliability, but sometimes we forget that maintenance also applies to a plant’s humans. The Reliable Plant Conference is dedicated to skills maintenance. The professionals responsible for keeping a plant running predictably must continuously build on their foundational knowledge.

This conference, happening at Cleveland’s Huntington Convention Center April 16th through 18th, will devote 150,000 sq ft of space to showcasing technologies in which H&P readers have a professional stake. We list many of the exhibitors on the following pages, but let’s start this preview by highlighting what you’ll take back home with you.

Fig. 1

Pre-Conference Workshops

First up is certification. Each of the conference’s four certification programs consists of a half-day pre-conference workshop supported by four learning sessions. Here’s the curriculum:

How to Integrate Multiple Condition Monitoring Technologies for Maximum Reliability

• Oil Analysis

• Ultrasound

• Vibration Analysis

• Infrared Thermography

Eight Steps to Successful Maintenance Planning

• Developing Job Plans

• Implementing Equipment Databases

• Integrating Proactive Tasks

• Measuring Performance (KPIs)

Key Principles and Best Practices for Better Maintenance Management

• Developing a Proactive Maintenance Strategy

• Creating a Successful Maintenance Culture

• Using Metrics, KPIs, and Benchmarking

• Maintenance Resource Planning and Execution

Pre-Conference Workshop: Improving Workforce Productivity and Compliance

• Understanding Digitalization

• Strategies for Integrating the Connected Worker

• Common Questions and Challenges in Digitalization

• Exploring the Future of Maintenance

Fig. 2

Custom Learning Sessions

If you want to customize your own curriculum, the conference offers more than 90 learning sessions under these additional categories:

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Reliability Engineering

Root Cause Analysis

Oil Analysis

Lubrication Program Management

Contamination Control

Lubricant Selection


Sessions of particular interest to H&P’s audience include:

Leak Detection Techniques for Preventive Maintenance and Diagnosis

Diagnose hydraulic fluid leaks and compressed air leaks using ultraviolet (UV) fluorescent dyes and ultrasonic leak detection tools. Learn techniques to reduce waste, maintain equipment, and optimize efficiency.

Maximizing the Benefits of Lube and Hydraulic Oil Analysis

Learn to design and implement an effective oil analysis program, including equipment selection, routine and non-routine tests, setting targets and limits, choosing a lab, sampling, data interpretation, and key performance indicators.

How to Identify, Control and Remove Contaminants from Your Oil

Learn the best practices for keeping particle contaminants out of lubricating and hydraulic oils, and if you somehow miss some, how to remove contaminants once they have entered a system.

Best Practices for Controlling Varnish in Hydraulic Systems

Learn what causes varnish contamination, its detrimental effects on fluid-powered systems, the best ways to check for varnish, and why it often builds up in hydraulic systems.

Case Study: Best Practices for Achieving Hydraulic Oil Cleanliness

This case-study presentation will identify the steps required to ensure oil cleanliness, including applying the correct filters and breathers, proper fluid handling, and routine oil analysis. Learn how one company prolongs component life and cleans bulk oil to avoid purchasing pre-cleaned hydraulic oil.

How to Monitor and Analyze Gearboxes with Vibration and Ultrasonic Inspections

This case-study presentation will reveal the results of monitoring gearboxes used for general mining applications in Brazil. It will cover the relationship between vibration, ultrasound, and viscosity, and suggest how to use condition monitoring tools to avoid damaging gears and bearings.

Hands-on Workshop: Ultrasonic Bearing Regreasing Principles and Practices

If you are responsible for managing grease replenishment in your bearings, you will want to know if ultrasonic greasing is a valid technology for you. Attendees will learn why ultrasonic greasing is important, how to determine proper regreasing intervals and volumes, and how ultrasonic technology can help detect bearing issues.

To get pricing and more information on the Reliable Plant Conference, or to register, call (800) 597-5460 or visit

Fig. 3

Reliable Plant Exhibitors------------------------Booth

A.W. Chesterton------------------------------------- 129

Ametek Spectro Scientific------------------------- 433

Augury-------------------------------------------------- 541

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences------------------ 633

C. C. Jensen Inc.------------------------------------- 534

Cannon Instrument Co.----------------------------- 514

CheckFluid Inc.--------------------------------------- 213

Chevron Lubricants--------------------------------- 101

Closed Loop Recycling---------------------------- 608

Dexsil Corp.------------------------------------------ 508

DropsA USA----------------------------------------- 528

Engineered Lubricants---------------------------- 109

Enviropeel USA------------------------------------- 120

Esco Products, Inc.-------------------------------- 414

Filtertechnik----------------------------------------- 128

Filtration Group------------------------------------- 428

Fluid Technologies Inc.--------------------------- 635

Gill Sensors & Controls Ltd--------------------- 240

Harvard Corp.-------------------------------------- 516

Henek Fluid Purity Systems-------------------- 115

Henek Mfg. Inc.------------------------------------ 140

Hilco Filtration Systems-------------------------- 501

Hy-Pro Filtration----------------------------------- 102

HYDAC---------------------------------------------- 328

IMI Sensors a PCB Piezotronics Div.--------- 524

Monroe Infrared Technology-------------------- 436

National Filters Inc.-------------------------------- 427

No Limit Oil Filtration Technologies----------- 622

Noria Corp.----------------------------------------- 320

Oil Filtration Systems----------------------------- 510

Pall Corp.-------------------------------------------- 308

Petro-Canada Lubricants------------------------ 220

PFP USA--------------------------------------------- 319

Phillips 66 Lubricants------------------------------ 441

Polaris Laboratories-------------------------------- 209

R&G Laboratories Inc.----------------------------- 235

Royal Purple----------------------------------------- 413

Schroeder Industries------------------------------- 328

Spectronics Corp.--------------------------------- 136

Swift Filters Inc.-------------------------------------- 327

TelLab-------------------------------------------------- 609

TestOil-------------------------------------------------- 219

Todd Technologies Inc.----------------------------- 527

Total Specialties USA Inc.------------------------- 302

UE Systems Inc.------------------------------------- 239

US Lubricants---------------------------------------- 632

Vacudyne---------------------------------------------- 630

ViewTech Borescopes----------------------------- 122

Whitmore---------------------------------------------- 642

Y2K Filtration----------------------------------------- 110

Advertisers in the March issue appear in bold type.

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