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IMTS 2018: Your Link to Manufacturing’s Partnership Chain

This year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), taking place Sept. 10th through 15th at Chicago’s McCormick Place, offers attractions for the entire chain of people interested in the future of hydraulics and pneumatics.

IMTS is predicated on the fact that the future of your business, and those of your customers and suppliers, are as intertwined as the technologies you all have in common. Understanding the interdependencies of making, supplying, and maintaining smartly designed products requires the meeting of minds this show enables—from the executives who build businesses, to the decision makers who plan the technologies that help those businesses compete, to the plant supervisors and operators who make business work.

More than 115,000 of these business enablers are expected to attend IMTS this year. What they see on the show floor and hear in the conference halls will complement each other and focus on six primary themes:

  • Process Innovations
  • Alternative Manufacturing
  • Plant Operations
  • Automation
  • Quality
  • Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things

These themes have broad implications for all industries, but their applications will also be spotlighted for stakeholders in:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Machine shops
  • Medical applications
  • Power generation

One of the stars of IMTS 2018 will be a focus on Additive Manufacturing (AM). An AM Pavilion will feature 56 exhibitors, and their technology will also be highlighted in many other exhibits—for the benefit of that chain of hydraulics and pneumatics stakeholders we mentioned. For example, AM enables the fabrication of intricately designed manifolds containing multiple valves, reducing space, weight, and cost and giving manufacturers greater design freedom. Conference sessions complementing this theme include:

  • Efficient Manufacturing Down to a Lot Size of 1 
  • The Path to Smarter Manufacturing through Connectivity on the Shop-Floor 
  • Using Integrated Tool Data Management Solutions
  • AM is Not Just for Rapid Prototyping Anymore 
  • Redefining the Future of Manufacturing with Metal 3D Printing 
  • Technology Tightens the Screws on Product Failures 
  • Taking 3D Printing from Prototyping to the Production Floor 
  • The Crucial Impact of Traceability in the IIoT

That last item on traceability in the connected enterprise is of particular interest to anyone incorporating hydraulic and pneumatic components into an end product. The ability to quickly identify and locate faulty components in a supply chain, combined with the ability to manufacture and replace such components on-site, can have far-reaching benefits for all businesses.

As MECCO President Dave Sweet will show in his IIoT session, the Internet of Things will help identify the genealogy of parts, circulate that information across a central network, and ensure those components can be located in real time, anywhere in the manufacturing process. He contends that by using this technology—coupled with permanent traceability in the form of serial numbers, bar codes, 2D codes, data matrixes, or unique identification numbers (UIDs)—recalls can be reduced, downtime minimized, and safety improved.

Fluid Power Exhibitors and Booth Numbers

Advanced Machine & Engineering: 121117, 432423

AMETEK Inc.: 135642

Anson Hydraulics Industrial Co. Ltd.: 135257

API Heat Transfer: 135089

ArgoHytos Inc.: 134975

Ashun Fluid Power Co. Ltd.: 135178

Balluff Inc.: 134062

Bimba Mfg. Co.: 134825

BLCH Pneumatic Science & Technology Co., Ltd.: 145688

Canfield Industries: 121558

Caplugs: 121282

Castrol: 236152

Chanto Air Hydraulics Co. Ltd.: 135169

Daejin Hydraulic Machinery Co. Ltd.: 121718

Deublin Co.: 121003

Dura-Bar: 431272

Dynatect Mg. Inc.: 121011

Eisele Connectors Inc.: 121467

Elesa U.S.A. Corp.: 121265

Enerpac: 431426

Euchner USA Inc.: 121143

Faster Inc.: 121595

Festo Corp.: 215128 , 134357

Fuchs Lubricants Co.: 431646

Green Hydraulic Power Inc.: 121295

H B Hydraulics Co. Ltd.: 135255

HYDAC Technology Corp.: 135062

ifm Efector Inc.: 121828

igus Inc.: 134521

Hydraulics & Pneumatics: 121386

ITT Enidine: 121051

J.W. Winco, Inc.: 121441

Kaeser Compressors Inc.: 236643

KTR Corp.: 121041

Kurt Mfg.: 432433

Lexair Inc.: 431322

Mindman Industrial Co. Ltd.: 135162

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America Inc.: 237036, 338640

Mobil Industrial Lubricants: 339292

MSC Software: 121500

Nachi America Inc.: 432024

Prevost Corp.: 121021

Quaker Chemical Corp.: 431949

Rosedale Products Inc.: 121436

Schunk Inc.: 432010

Settima USA Inc.: 135067

Silvent North America Inc.: 121217

Smalley: 236300

SMC Corp. of America: 121238

Sullair: 237470           

SunSource: 121657

Taiwan Fluid Power Assn.: 135184

Tolomatic: 134436

U.S. Lubricants: 432128

Volz Gruppe GmbH: 431792

Von Ruden Mfg. Inc.: 431306

WAGO Corp.: 135063

Winner Hydraulics Corp.: 135182

Yutien Hydraulic Industry Co. Ltd.: 135176

Advertisers in the July/August print issue of Hydraulics & Pneumatics are highlighted in bold.

Neighboring Shows

To make best use of your time, IMTS visitors will also have access to the following co-located shows demonstrating a complete range of manufacturing technology:

Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives (IAMD) USA

Surface Technology USA

ComVac USA

Industrial Supply USA

In particular, IAMD will highlight the latest in hydraulic and pneumatic technology, including:

  • Hydraulic pumps, motors, drive units, and actuators
  • Hydraulic assemblies and systems
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and valves
  • Control and regulation systems
  • Sensors and monitoring devices
  • Pressure fluids, filters, hoses, pipes, and connectors
  • Seals

Conference Focuses on Additive Manufacturing

Now that metal 3D printing has become a reality for hydraulic and pneumatic components, readers looking to learn more about this new technology might consider attending Additive Manufacturing Conference 2018, co-located with IMTS. Technical sessions at the two-day conference will cover such topics as design, material, machinery and applications technology, hybrid CNC machines, large-format printing, weigh reduction, advanced materials, and more. Technical presenters include experts from OEMs, additive-manufacturing job shops, machinery suppliers, and research organizations. The full agenda is available at

“We are committed to industrial applications of additive manufacturing,” said Dave Necessary, event director. “The Additive Manufacturing Conference is the only 3D printing event that focuses exclusively on end-use part production. Being at IMTS lets us showcase how revolutionary this technology is for manufacturing, and bring it directly to those who have already adopted AM—and those that are significantly invested in adding it in the near future.”

Registration is open for Additive Manufacturing Conference 2018 and includes access to the IMTS show floor. Full event details are available at

Image courtesy of Additive Manufacturing Conference

An array of technical presentations may also be of interest, especially these two:

To IIoT or Not to IIoT, that is the Question

Tue. Sep. 11| 2:15 p.m.-3:10 p.m. | W196-C

Presented by Russ Agrusa, founder, president, and CEO, ICONICS

There is still a lot of confusion and mystery around the Industrial Internet of Things. With all the hype around IoT and Industry 4.0, what does that really mean to a manufacturer? There has been an explosion of IIoT providers and devices from small startups up to large automation providers. Let’s cut through the hype and buzzwords to get to the real answers. We will answer such questions as:

  • What is IIoT?
  • What is the difference between IIoT and IoT?
  • How does IIoT fit in with Industry 4.0?
  • Why should I implement an IIoT solution?
  • How will this make my processes better?
  • What is the ROI?
  • Where do I start?
  • What technology is right for me?

We will decipher the lingo and look at IIoT and Industry 4.0 to help demystify the technology and look for practical, money-saving solutions.

How to Cut Costs and Improve Productivity with Your Compressed Air System

Tuesday, Sept. 11| 11 to 11:55 a.m.

Presented by Neil Mehltretter, engineering manager, Kaeser Compressors

The United States Department of Energy estimates that half of all compressed air generated is wasted to leaks, artificial demand, and inappropriate uses. Although compressed air is necessary for manufacturing processes, it is costly to produce. Strategies for reducing compressed air waste such as leak detection and monitoring, pressure stability, and proper application are essential to improving system reliability and keeping costs low. In addition, new technology in controls and communications is bringing the IoT to the plant floor. Applying this technology to compressed air systems adds convenience to daily plant manager activities, enables energy monitoring, and makes predictive maintenance a reality. This presentation will feature a case study example from a metal products plant that achieved nearly $45,000 in annual energy cost savings by conducting a thorough compressed air audit. Industry expert Neil Mehtretter will illustrate how plants can achieve continuous improvement with their compressed air systems, add money back to their bottom line, and improve overall system operation.

For more information on IMTS 2018, visit

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