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Fluid Power Talk
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The Importance of Sales: Knowledge behind the Purchase

To best serve their customer base, it is the responsibility of technical salespeople to be knowledgeable about their product offerings.

Value-added service drives the hydraulic field, ensuring that customers receive products and services that will support the safety and efficiency of their operations.Value-added service companies should be fully committed to providing OEMs and other customers with products that meet their application needs. From tech support to delivery, knowledgeable salespeople are an integral part of the hydraulic distribution industry.

Account managers in particular are important for adding value-added services to hydraulic distribution companies. They are responsible for following through on sales, and building and maintaining relationships with customers.

For customers, it may take some hunting and discovery to find the right company or distributor that will improve the operations of their factories and equipment. It is important that a customer clearly communicates their ideas and goals, so that account managers can work with them to select or design the right systems and components for the application.

That said, hydraulic sales is a growing field with a high demand for knowledgeable representatives. A background in fluid power can help a salesperson excel in providing value-added services to customers in the field. In the end, technical sales people with diverse knowledge and specialties make up a team that can determine the most cost-effective solutions for their customers.

This following blog post was contributed by Stephen Thornton, Account Manager at Progressive Power and Control in Indianapolis, IN.

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