Fun with the HYDAC Tech crew
<p>Fun with the HYDAC Tech crew!</p>

H&P Celebrates with Ice Cream and Honors at IFPE

The Hydraulics & Pneumatics booth S-80156 was serving up more than solid advice from industry professionals yesterday, as the brand’s Editor Alan Hitchcox scooped out ice cream for show attendees. The fun and festivities followed two days of Q&A at the booth with industry experts Bob Sheaf, Brendan Casey, and Ricardo Solarzano. (For more on that, click here.)

The “good humor” at the H&P booth was to celebrate two H&P milestones: This is the magazine’s 70th year, and it’s Alan’s 30th year in the fluid power industry. Congratulations to both, and here’s to many more years ahead!

At left, Steve Berlin from Sun Hydraulics and Ed Danzer from 6K Products share the scoop with H&P Editor Alan Hitchcox. Below, Andrew Johnson and Jon Hansen from O-Ring Sales pay a visit.

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