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Pall’s Crixus Fluid Monitoring Platform

Fluid Cleanliness Management Program Taps into Industry 4.0

Pall's Crixus Fluid Monitoring Platform taps into the convenience and effectiveness of smartphones.

Pall Corp., Port Washington, N.Y., says its Crixus Fluid Monitoring Platform is the hydraulics industry’s first intelligent fluid cleanliness monitoring platform that taps into the convenience and effectiveness of smartphones and other handheld wireless devices. “Companies are constantly looking for ways to lower operating cost and improve productivity, and they are now look more and more to automation and digitization to achieve those goals,” says Greg Collins, vice president and general manager of Fluid Technologies & Asset Protection at Pall Corp. “We are the first to bring fluid cleanliness management for hydraulic and lubrication applications into the Internet of Things (IoT) by using a series of process sensors connected to a cloud-based predictive analytics platform.”

The Crixus Fluid Monitoring Platform provides real-time data that instantly flags performance issues and warns of potential problems. Information from the Cloud is pushed to the Crixus mobile and web app, where systems and applications from multiple sites can be monitored. “This is the first step toward Pall’s continuous involvement in the next stage of IoT development for the Industrial and Life Sciences marketplaces,” adds Martin Smith, Pall’s Chief Technology Officer.

Click here for more information about Pall’s Crixus Fluid Monitoring Platform.

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