2010/2011 Fluid Power Handbook & Directory
The most comprehensive fluid power reference source available. Individual sections include: engineering data (basic circuits, components, symbols and standards); product index, manufacturers directory, product directory, trademarks directory, advertisers directory, manufacturers catalogs, and a listing of local fluid power suppliers in the U.S. and Canada.
360 pages, softcover book, $90.00
2010/2011 Fluid Power Handbook & Directory CD-ROM
The same comprehensive fluid power reference source as above, but in digital format, and with an expanded engineering data section. Powerful tools help you quickly find information by entering a key word. A magnification tool lets you zoom in on technical drawings and cutaway photos to view design details. Most pages are in color and can be printed quickly with the click of a mouse.
CD-ROM, $50.00
SAVE! Buy both softcover book and CD-ROM for $120.00!

Hydraulics & Pneumatics January 2011 Annual Designers Guide Issue
In its 52nd year, this quick guide to selecting fluid power components includes specifications for more than 40 categories of products, accessories, and services. A Manufacturers Index that provides contact information follows easy-to-read charts.
72 pages, softcover book, $10.00
Designers' Handbook for Electrohydraulic Servo and Proportional Systems, Fourth Edition, Jack L. Johnson, PE,
Handbook offers hundreds of pages of information, including details on how to calculate and control pressure losses in plumbing, subplates, and manifolds; how to analyze and control mechanical loads; valve dynamic properties; electronics (transducers, signal conditioning, etc.); and mobile equipment electrical systems, including batteries and charging systems.
786 pages, hardcover book, $159.00
Lightning Reference Handbook
The popularity of this book — with over a quarter-million copies circulated — stems from the need for accurate, practical, comprehensive, and readily available data. This volume is a treasure trove of charts, tables, formulas, and other critical fluid power design information.
197 pages, softcover book, $40.00
Design of Electrohydraulic Systems for Industrial Motion Control, Third Edition (referred to as "EH Motion Control," Jack L. Johnson
Now you can get the original book that started electrohydraulic motion control education and training. No other book gives you the methodology for the optimal design of electrohydraulic motion control. It’s all laid out for you. You will find all the background and root sources for correctly sizing components, designing control systems and closing the control loop and much, much more. Anyone interested in, or with a need to design EH Motion Control systems will find this book an absolute must, and an essential addition to their technical library.
380 pages, hardcover book, $99.95
Hydraulic System Analysis by George R. Keller, P.E.
Remastered from the fourth edition of George Keller's groundbreaking work from 1985, this timeless treatise covers everything from basic principles of pressure and flow to system dynamics. It is written in an instructional style, with hundreds of useful equations and sample problems at the end of many chapters. Although much of the product information is obsolete, the fundamentals and equations are as useful as ever.
210 pages, spiral-bound book, $50.00
Basic Electronics For Hydraulic Motion Control, Jack L. Johnson
This book is written specifically by a practitioner of the hydraulic art for engineers and technicians working in the hydraulic art, and it teaches you all you ever needed to know about electronics. It covers transducers, interfaces, signal conditioners, pulse width modulation, controllers, amplifiers, transistors, analog electronics, digital electronics and more, much more. It is a must read and reference for anyone interested in certification in electronics.
438 pages, hardcover book, $59.00
Fluid Power Systems and Circuits by Russell W. Henke, P.E.
Learn about circuit analysis and design flow for: constant and demand flow circuits, directional controls, pressure controls, and more. Completely illustrated and clearly written to show how to analyze interactions of system components and how to pull an entire design together to meet anticipated loads and operating requirements.
400 pages, hardcover book, $80.00
Electrohydraulic Control of Pressure and Cylinder Force, Jack L. Johnson, PE,
Control of pressure is vital to controlling force or torque from actuators. It is subject to the constraints of the system non-linearities. This book presents all the mathematical wizardry needed to design effective, predictable and controllable pressure control systems by electrohydraulic means. It introduces ways to control gauge and differential pressure and also covers the problems associated with control of cylinder output force.
220 pages, softcover book, $59.95
An Electrohydraulic Pump for the Millennium, Jack L. Johnson, PE,
This unabridged version contains hundreds of ideas and innovative methods for electronically controlling pumps. Included are simple servo-stroking, up to and including constant horsepower controls, plus transducer needs and interfacing, concepts for designing user-friendly pumps, plus how to get pumps to talk to a serial communications bus. This book is required reading for manufacturers, users and OEMs who have a need to make pumps smarter and to get ready for the demands of an increasingly electrohydraulic 21st Century.
80 pages, softcover book, $39.95
Lexicon – Electrohydraulics and Motion Control, Jack L. Johnson, PE,
This illustrated lexicon is unique in that it is cross-referenced to related terms in the book. If the current definition contains an unfamiliar term that is in bold, merely look that term up and complete your understanding. It uses electric-hydraulic analogies so that you can use your own knowledge of hydraulic circuits and concepts to understand the electronic analogy. More than 700 terms are defined in this very comprehensive lexicon.
71 pages, softcover book, $39.95
A Learning Exam Adjunct to the Animated Video CD: Introduction to Electrohydraulic Servo Systems, Jack L. Johnson, PE,
This animated video explains the basic function of the electrohydraulic positional servomechanism, the essential mechanism for modern electrohydraulic motion control systems. It’s intended for the novice. A 60 question exam is designed to challenge your knowledge of not only concepts covered in the video, but general knowledge of hydraulic systems. But the challenge is done in a fun way, and we’ll supply all the correct answers whenever you are ready for them.
25 pages, softcover book and DVD, $43.00
Lab Lecture: Effects of Changing Inertia on the Performance of the Electrohydraulic Servomechanism, Jack L. Johnson, PE,
Commonly referred to as the "Four Inertias Video", this CD contains a laboratory demonstration (approx 24 minutes) of the method and a lecture (approx 50 minutes) to explain the principles behind the laboratory procedures. You will see in the demonstration how increased loading of the cylinder with inertia creates a steadily decreasing system performance. The DVD recording also contains a searchable pdf file of background material and a verbatim transcript of the narrations of the two videos.
DVD, $87.00
Four Methods for Dealing with the Difficult System, Jack L. Johnson, PE,
Commonly referred to as the "Four Methods Video," the CD contains a laboratory demonstration (approx 24 minutes) of the method and a lecture (approx 50 minutes) to explain the principles behind each of the four methods used to control the "difficult application." When confronted with a system with a low hydromechanical resonant frequency and simple solutions cannot be applied, or don’t work, this video explains some of the alternatives. It shows you how to increase damping and what benefits can be expected. An accompanying lecture explains the theory and concepts behind the video methodology.
DVD, $87.00

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