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Videos Give Tips on Clutch and Brake Installation

Ogura Industrial Corp., manufacturer of electromagnetic clutches and brakes since 1983, has ventured into the cyberspace world of videos. Instructional videos from its YouTube channel address installation techniques, important tips, and basic specifications for its products.

The video below describes the installation process of Ogura’s 8000 Series of mobile clutches for high-torque hydraulic pump applications. Suited for pot haulers and winches on the back of fishing boats, the clutches work with torques ranging between 200 and 1500 lb-ft.

Tips in the video include attaching the clutch to a free L-bracket, rather than an L-bracket that’s already attached to the boat, for high-torque applications. It describes the lubrication process for the pump shaft and clutch bore, suggesting molybdenum disulfide grease and warning against anti-seize compounds that will cause premature wear.

Another suggestion concerns varistors (voltage-dependent resistor)—they will prevent voltage spikes when the clutch is disengaged. The video also introduces soft-start modules, which help reduce shock in clutch engagement. Materials supplied by Ogura and those that need to be supplied by an OEM are specified.

For more videos on implementing Ogura products, visit Ogura’s YouTube channel.

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