Fluid Power Talk

Technical training in Las Vegas

Most heavy-duty waste-reduction, recycling and compaction equipment uses the power and compactness of hydraulics in some form or another. This is why H&P has partnered with the creators of WasteExpo, slated for April 30-May 3, the past few years to bring fluid power technical training to the event.

Our Fluid Power Conference & Expo will be co-located at the event in Las Vegas this year, and features some good basic hydraulics instruction, troubleshooting tips, and even a look at the hydraulics on some of the machines on display. See a complete schedule here, as well as a look at all the key fluid power companies that will be exhibiting in the H&P pavillion and throughout the WasteExpo show floor.

Even if you're not directly involved in waste reduction, most of the sessions are general enough that the training will benefit you if you need to know some basic hydraulics in your day-to-day job operations. We've offered this conference for nearly seven years now, and I can honestly say the courses some of the best in the industry, taught by recognized leaders. Register here now.

What better excuse to get out to Vegas for a few days?

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