Fluid Power Talk

Such an international scope

Each day when I approve our LinkedIn group member requests, I am continually amazed by how far and wide our reach extends. This really shouldn't surprise me, because a large portion of our website visitors come to us from outside the U.S. Yet it still amazes me that in addition to the few thousand Americans who have joined the group, we have members from India, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, the U.K., Romania, Peru, South Africa, Australia, Iran, Bahrain, and so many more places worldwide.

To me, this means I am working in a field that is well-established worldwide and will continue to grow healthily for years to come. It also means that like we claim, we at Hydraulics & Pneumatics are true experts in the field of fluid power. When someone is looking for good fluid power content to further their education and career, they turn to us. That makes me proud.

So I invite you to come aboard with us on this multi-cultural fluid power adventure. Join our LinkedIn group, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter. It's a fun ride!

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