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Streamlining the Fluid-Power Supply Chain with Distributor Software

Streamlining the Fluid-Power Supply Chain with Distributor Software

Tribute Inc., a provider of business-management software for industrial distribution marketplaces, releases its newest structure query language (SQL)-based software, TrulinX version 15.3, partnering with several major manufacturers to streamline the supply chain for fluid-power, motion-control, and automation distributors.

The software caters to eight major manufacturers in particular. With the new software, Bosch Rexroth distributors can send point-of-sales reports and rebate information to Bosch Rexroth directly from the TrulinX system. Distributors for Eaton and Parker Hannifin Corp. can also take advantage of these distribution tools. Other software features can be used to simplify the business procedures of Dixon, Gates, Garlock, Pall, and Sun Hydraulics distributors.

TrulinX 15.3 features also include “Sales Territory Assignment Inquiry”, which enables distributors to see all available territory assignments for a customer, and keep track of the territory assigned to an order or line on any quote. Users can also add freight codes for regular shipments and dropships by altering several variables including location, customer, and customer ship-to.

Available for download from TrulinX’s Software Releases and Patches page, TrulinX 15.3 also aids distributors in creating Pro-Forma invoices, sending remittance reports to vendors via EDI, and merging and renaming customers. It also includes the toolset for creating acceptable text files for ACH payments in the NACHA Block-10 format.

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