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Road Resurfacer Practices Environmental Finesse

When it comes to repairing blacktop, Bettis Asphalt & Construction is confident in the environmental finesse of its heating-and-milling machines. Unlike heavy trucks used in conventional overlays, the machines recycle 100% of the asphalt. But the company couldn’t help but notice the impact of the high-temperature milling process on its hydraulic motors and gearboxes. In an effort to reduce downtime and meet customers’ time constraints, Bettis looked to IBT Industrial Solutions to help them redesign its hot-in-place mobile equipment.

The company’s eight machines, in a convoy that reaches up to 700 feet, apply direct heat from fire boxes to soften the asphalt for removal. The asphalt is then processed with a renewal emulsion and returned back to the ground. Even before the end of its busy season, the mobile hydraulic motors and gearboxes were ruined by the 1200°F working conditions needed to mill the asphalt.

“Bettis is one of only two or three companies in the U.S. that do this type of work,” says David Leffert at IBT Industrial Solutions.  “We had to be very creative in how we approached the design of this system. Our goal was to find mobile hydraulic motors and gearboxes that could withstand one full season of extreme abuse.”

After considering the entire hydraulic system and ordering new hydraulic motors, gearboxes, and sprockets from Young PowertechMartin Sprocket, and Diamond Chain, only one or two minor replacements were required to survive the next season.

“This year, we were able to complete all of our new projects on time,” says James Campbell, Superintendent of the Hot-in-Place Recycle Division at Bettis Asphalt.  “Overall, we had about a 60% increase in speed of production over last year’s season. Altogether, that’s a significant improvement for us.”

Source: IBT Industrial Solutions PrimeMover Enewsletter.

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