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Professional education at MSOE

I just received an update from the Milwaukee School of Engineeging about its 2013-2014 Professional Education courses. It seems that even though it is only February, most of its courses are full, so they are giving people a last chance to register before 2013 is completely closed out .. and already offering courses for 2014 registration. This is no surprise to me: having attended one of MSOE's classes, I know how valuable they are to anyone who works with fluid power components and technology.

There are only four seminars with openings left for 2013:

  • PLC Programming and Servicing for Fluid Power Systems, April 15-19, still has several openings left.
  • Service and Operation for Improved Hydraulic System Reliability, May 13-17, has six vacant seats.
  • Hydraulic Specialist Certification Review (a non-CEU course), June 3-6, has several open seats.
  • Hydraulic Systems Modeling and Simulation for Application Engineers, October 7-11, is open.

Because of their popularity, MSOE has opened registration on the following courses (but will not charge until July 1). 

  • Introduction to Hydraulics – Newly Opened for January 6-10, 2014. This 27-hour seminar is designed to acquaint individuals with the fluid power field and provide a practical working knowledge of this important and growing industry. It features laboratory sessions where participants will gain practical experience working with actual fluid power components and systems. Specifically, laboratory sessions will treat the disassembly, inspection and assembly of individual components, as well as system design examples.
  • Electro-Hydraulic Components and Systems – Newly Opened for January 27-31, 2014. This 27-hour seminar is designed to cover the knowledge of electrohydraulic components including solenoid operated valves, proportional valves, servo valves and amplifiers. The seminar also covers the technicalities of in-field tuning of open-loop and closed-loop electro-hydraulic systems. The state-of-the-art Universal Fluid Power Trainers are used to demonstrate the theory presented.
  • Service and Operation for Improved Hydraulic Systems Reliability – Newly Opened for February 17-21, 2014. This 27-hour seminar focuses on the topics that must be considered to maximize hydraulic system reliability. The introduced topics can be broadly classified as service-related and operational-related. In the service topics, maintenance, troubleshooting and failure analysis techniques will be discussed. In the operational-related topics, hydraulic fluids, contamination control and filtration technology will be discussed.

Visit MSOE for more details.

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