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A new year, new name for Western FluiDyne

A new year means a new name for Western FluiDyne, Fraser, Mich. As of January 1, the company is now called FluiDyne Fluid Power. Its new web address is www.fluidynefp.com.

According to FluiDyne Fluid Power’s vice president and general manager, the change was done for two reasons. “The first one is ‘historical,’” Harwick says. We were once owned by Western Filter and now we are not. Western Filter was purchased by Donaldson over two years ago and we have been independent since 2009. Without the Western Filter connection, we have had many people ask, ‘why are you called Western FluiDyne when you are in Michigan?’ Just for clarity, we wanted to get rid of the Western part of our name.”

In addition, Harwick says the change was done to reflect the future direction of the company as it puts greater emphasis on the new FluiDyne products it sells, and reduce confusion about the company’s description. “Our sales growth is with these new products and we have found a growing acceptance for FluiDyne branded hydraulic pumps, motors, and valves,” Harwick said. “While we continue to do a significant amount of ‘remanufactured’ product the reality is most people prefer our 100% new FluiDyne and that is what we will supply.”

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