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Latest Servohydraulic Design Guide is Free for the Asking

Latest Servohydraulic Design Guide is Free for the Asking

Practical Design for Fluid Power Motion Control, by Peter Nachtwey, is the latest hydraulic design guide just published by Delta Computer Systems, Battle Ground, Wash. It covers a wide range of topics, including the basics of closed-loop control, cylinder sizing, selecting valves and transducers, and motion tuning for optimal performance.

The advice given in this practical publication is intended to help readers build machines optimized for precise position and pressure/force control, ensuring that both the hydraulics, electrics, and controls are tuned for performance and precision.

Below is the book's Table of Contents, which summarizes topics covered.

On-Off vs. Closed-Loop Control
Closed-Loop Position-Pressure/Force Control
Feed Forwards Make Closed-Loop Tuning Easier
Selecting the Right Control Algorithm
Tips for Precise Pressure Control
Closed-Loop Control Examples in Cyclical Testing

On-Off vs. Closed-Loop Control
Choosing the Best Valve for Servo Hydraulic Control
Avoiding the Wrong Valves
Accumulators: Unsung Heroes of Hydraulic Motion Systems
What You Should Know About Rotary Encoders
Pressure Transducers Boost Precision and Reliability in Hydraulic Applications

Optimized Control Requires Fine-Resolution Feedback
Electronic Filtering Solves Problems
Adaptive Hydraulic Control
Active Damping Saves Energy
Modeling and Simulation

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