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Italian radial piston motor manufacturers merge

The Pecorari family, shareholders of SAl S.p.A. Hydraulic Motors, announced today that they completed the acquisition of 100% of Intermot, another Italian radial piston motor manufacturer from its existing shareholders. Both companies are privately held so no financial details were provided. The deal was finalized Jan. 1.

The company plans to move to a new manufacturing facility in Italy, and also introduce major improvements to the basic Intermot design to increase the performance and efficiency of the motor.

The companies say the move is a progressive step forward in their strategic alliance, which started more than 20 years ago, when during a period of the great difficulty, the Pecorari family joined the company and played a crucial role in the revival

of the Intermot motor, with both financial and technical assistance.

Several significant technological improvements to the distributor, the crankshaft and the integrated central bearing of the Intermot motor enabled the company to restore itself in the marketplace, which has led to improved relationships with customers, suppliers, and financial institutions.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, one of the larger application fields for Intermot motors was on plastic injection molding


. Because production of these machines had been rapidly moving to the Far East, a production factory in China was set up. Therefore, the Ningbo-Intermot joint venture was incorporated. Located in Ningbo, this subsidiary has already established Intermot Motors as the market leader in China.

The Pecoraris believe there is even greater potential for expansion of the product, particularly in the markets that require large radial piston motors, so they expect Intermot to become a key player in worldwide markets in the future.